About Us

Humbled Beginnings

Business that started from home as just sandwiched waffles with different fillings for example chicken, beef etc.

The sandwiched waffle was exposed to a few friends, who really enjoyed the concept. This led towards the creation of a home business, in ‘Mum’s kitchen’ to be exact. As time went on accompanied by uplifted success as a home business, Laaghas went on to open the first store in its franchise a year later in Thornton Heath, the heart of Croydon.

Signature Sauce

All our waffles are served with our special sweet sauce Laagha Sauce. It compliments the uniqueness of our sandwiches.

Freshly Made Waffles

Each waffle ordered is cooked fresh every time with our fresh batter made every morning.

Excellent Service

Our service goes beyond just taking and giving orders but to provide an experience.

Who we are

Laagha’s is a unique concept of creating a new brand within the fast food industry. We provide people with new experience in food. Its manifestation of an imagined idea achieved. We are well known for chicken & waffle sandwiches. Along with the sandwiches is our special sweet sauce which is served in our waffles sandwiches.

Expect the Best

At Laaghas we are driven by our passion to serve and take pride in our uniqueness. This passion for excellence keep us constantly striving for improvement and growth. Growth in our service, our consistency and quality. After all we want to be the best in what we do… Our vision is to grow and dominate world with our products and franchise.

Changing the Face of Fast Food

We have a wide range of waffles sandwich filling to suit all taste buds. There’s more to Laaghas than just chicken and waffles,  we have fillings like chicken, plantain, turkey bacon, Jamaican patties, BBQ pulled beef, sausages and much more. Our menu is also not limited to just waffles but we also offer bagel sandwiches, cakes/apple crumble with custard, slushy and more so, you are welcome whatever you’re in the mood for.

Meet the owner

During the final year of my mechanical engineering degree, I developed a profound love for food. After graduating I decide to combine what I love with my entrepreneurship drive. I began making my signature waffle, with it’s unique recipe and sauce from my mums kitchen. It had become so popular within my community, I decided it was time to introduce Laagha’s to the world – opening the first franchise in South London. A mechanical engineer, turned waffle engineer.

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